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I love my job.

November 7, 2011

I just love my job.  I always have… I would say to others … “oh, I really do not like to work”  while secretly knowing that I like working and I love teaching.  I love seeing the kids follow my lead, mimic my actions , and explain to others things I have once explained to them.

I like writing and thinking up lesson plans.  I remember the first time I started writing lesson plans for a course in college.  At first, I was not sure how to develop them or what to include.  It was my professor who suggested …it’s better to add more to your day’s lesson so if you run out of time you can always carry it over to the next day.  I have always done this  and my plans have never suffered from lack of activities.

I was also taught to be able to wear different hats at a moments notice.  Be flexible  and be calm.  But, teaching is not only about lesson plans or being able to wear different hats.  There are few professions where you can be a social worker, actor, planner, manager, advocate, leader, parent, child like ( at times) .

A few years ago while working in a near by district I felt that “teaching was becoming  teach to the test”and not fun any more.  It was at this time that I wanted to seek out another profession.  I was becoming impatient with all the “paperwork and disliking the “teaching to the test mentality”.  I did not go into teaching to do this I thought.  It was not long after that experience that I started to re think my choice in career.  Although, I could not see myself in any other career that was not involving students, books, and school buildings.  Boy, was I in a jam!!! What to do?? what to do??

My decision to return to what I loved doing was easier than I thought.  I knew my heart was always in it and no matter how many times I tried to “step away ” from teaching.  I was always thinking, talking and even had some dreams about teaching.

I remember I had watched a show about teachers. I could not stop thinking about my own time in the classroom. I thought about how much I loved developing a lesson from start to finish.  I would quickly come up with ways to explain a difficult concept and make it easier to remember.  I thought about the huge number of students I have had in the past that progressed right in front of me.  And, the joy I felt knowing I helped them reach their goal. So, how could I just walk away from what I felt was a positive thing. I was doing something good to help others.  I loved doing this I love teaching.

I enjoy seeing the growth of my students through-out the year.  I love going to school every day.  I could not just walk away.  And, now I realize it was not meant to be ….how could I have thought such a thing?   I refer to this period of time as “My loss in direction” I believe I was born to play this role.  I was placed on this earth to do what I love.

I am a teacher. I love my job.


The Way I manage or don’t manage my weight loss progress

June 24, 2011

I may not be the right person to ‘follow” if you looking to lose weight.  I thought I may say that before I start this short blog. 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong I have been “on alert” ( I refer to my weight lose progress as being “on alert”) ’cause that’s what it feels like for me.  I am constantly thinking and limiting so many things from my diet. It has come to be such a bore at times.  It is really a challenge to keep up with what to eat and what not to eat?  I get so frustrated that I “loss my focus” and eat those ” I really should not eat foods”!!!!

Although,  in recent months I have not lost too much focus because when I do that I need to workout longer at the GYM. I do like going to the GYM and working out .  I realize that I’m  doing something good by getting rid of all the extra calories and toxins.   You are working on your heart, the blood circulation, building your muscles and feeling healthy.  Okay, so I am not going to write any more about the benefits of going to the GYM. I will in a later blog.

I have decreased my sugar intake to about half now.  I have tried to take away all sugars but I just can not drink my coffee w/o some sugar.  So, instead of putting 6 teaspoons of sugar I may now only add 2 teaspoons.  I do not drink too many juices. I add water to Orange juice because it tastes very sweet to me without adding the water.  I bake my cakes using applesauce.  I have stopped eating fast food many years ago.  I do not eat too much junk food ( I have a hard time staying away from Cool Ranch Doritos and Twizzlers ) I can stop eating chocolate but I do have fun size ones in my fridge.

When I do eat Cool Ranch Doritos , Twizzlers and chocolate I know I need to go workout that day.  I make my own pizza using Whole Foods pizza sauce, cheese and pizza dough.  I will not add any oils or toppings.  I like to add seasonings and spices to pack in the flavor.  I tend to do this with my cooking and I will plan my meals.

I do eat red meat but the cuts are lean and small.  I eat chicken, tuna, shrimp, salmon.  Not too many cold cuts. Peanut butter and strawberry preserves ( Low sugar)  I have eaten brown rice but to be honest being Latina it will take me longer to accept brown rice.  It looks odd with red kidney beans. 🙂   I love soups. I make my own and I will limit creamy soups.

Love fresh fruits I could eat about 2 pounds of fruits in a week.  I like lettuce, corn, carrots, potatoes not a fan of tomatoes.

I would go to the GYM everyday but I tend to go 2 or 3 times a week.

I have lost weight and I have gained little back in 2 years.  It is a challenge I deal with every day. Some days are easier than others some days I lose my focus completely ….but I’ve never quit this challenge and hopefully never will.

Thinking Green? Tips to aid your garden and get rid of pests naturally.

June 19, 2011

Howdy, everyone is liking the idea of Going Green . It’s environmentally ideal and helps you save money as well.

In this blog I will periodically add my tips and advice that you can try on your own lawn  for a richer greener lawn and to get rid of pests such as  ( ants, grubs, snails)

If you want a greener lawn may want to add corn meal or used coffee grounds. Water and in time your lawn will be healthy green and lush.

Try a self -propelled lawn mower , saves you money , time and the grass clippings fall back onto the lawn to help it look lush green and fresh.

Mulching can help keep weeds away. Grass clippings, tree bark and newspaper are great eco- friendly ways to aid your lawn.

Water properly and often to prevent pests and weeds.

Got ants??  Ants hate strong scents like cinnamon, black pepper, bay leaves, mint… just sprinkle some on them also Borax and honey.  Ants will eat the borax and honey mixture only to die later.

Vinegar… wipe onto steps or handrails to prevent them from climbing upwards and evading your home.

Chalk/ baby powder :draw a line or sprinkle where you seen ants traveling and this will repel them from entering your home.

Sprinkle used coffee grounds on your lawn and around your house.

Cucumber or citrus peels : leave the peels in areas of known ant activities.

Too many snails???  Sprinkle table salt directly on them…

What?!?! Roses are not coming up and growing??  Try adding used coffee grounds to them and water. Used coffee grounds can be used on all flowering plants, bushes and lawn areas for a greener, stronger, healthier result. TIP: Make sure to trim your roses give them enough water, sun and love  🙂

More tips to come soon. Stayed tuned…

My Visit to the Intrepid or as I like to call it “That Huge Ship”!!!

February 23, 2011

On Monday February 21 James & I went on the Intrepid for the first time.  We had lived in NY for many years yet we never gone on board the huge ship.  The visit was connected to a 501st event…. it was my second troop.  I was delighted when I heard we may be going on the Intrepid.  I have admired it from far away for years.  It was odd that now as a member of the 501st I was going to go on board.

I guess I am not used to getting up and out the door early any more.  I believe that was the hardest part of the whole day.  I had gone to bed early the night before. But, actually waking up, getting dressed and leaving the house before 9am seemed challenging to me. Who does that?? I silently asked myself. It has been awhile since I did yet when I did I never thought about it.

The weather didn’t cooperate with us that morning.  It had snowed over night and was still falling when I left the house.  The trip in was uneventful no traffic due to the President’s Day holiday.  Gotta love those  traveling days !!! I was looking forward to riding on the NY Waterways  ferry again!!! I really do love traveling on the water.  🙂  We parked and walked through the snow.  I was a little tired….walking on the snow tires me out all the time LOL.

The NY Waterways ferry was empty ( another great advantage on a holiday) and the ride across felt quick.  We got off the ferry and I could see the huge ship in the distance.  It looked amazing up close!! 🙂

As I was walking inside the huge ship I started to feel uncomfortably warm.  Geez!!! who hiked that heat up to 90 degrees?  Didn’t anyone know I was coming?  I slowed down a little I didn’t want to get too warm.  I had not even gotten my costume on yet.

The room they gave us to meet up and get dressed was amazing. It had big windows facing the river. The sunlight’s reflection must look amazing in that room .  However, it was snowy & cloudy I did not get to appreciate that view!!

We went downstairs I was carrying some of my friends cards, James’ wallet, keys and camera, my id and other things. I decided that not everything was going to fit in my pockets so I took James’ green bag!  It was a life saver actually.  Later, I was carrying  a few items from John’s costume that had fallen off him.

James, John, Mike , Ed and Gary were very popular with the crowd.  The people were taking pictures with them. So, I decided to go off on my own to take pictures.  I was amazed with the size of the ship’s interior having planes, uniforms and all the  displays with so much information.  I was having such a delightful time. I kept an eye on James making sure he was okay and in case he needed me for anything.

Ed & James decided to go onto the flight deck.  We found a staircase going up to it. Boy!! was that staircase steep!!   The guys decided to take the stairs I was not too sure I wanted to try going up the stairs.  SO, I backed out!

However, I wanted to go up to the flight deck too I started thinking there must be another way up.  Suddenly, as soon as I turned a corner I noticed an elevator.  The elevator sign had Flight Deck on it!!!! Wow!!!! Now I can go up!!!! I walked in and step out on to the flight deck!!  I was very warm downstairs and the cold air felt good.  It was very chilly and raw on the flight deck.  But, I didn’t mind.  The planes were parked up there and they looked cool.   I guess it was picture time again.  I must have been freezing because I didn’t notice that the cover to my phone had dropped to the floor.  Thank you to the man who picked it up and returned it to me. Finally, I saw James and he was shocked to see me up there.  He even asked me “how did you get here? I just pointed to the elevator.

Lunch time arrived  Yay!! in the nick of time too!!! I was hungry, tired, getting a little too chilly.  We decided to change out of our costumes during lunch.  I was thankful because I wanted to get to see more of the ship. The lunch was good I had a turkey sandwich but they also had tuna, Italian , ham & cheese.  I was also delighted that John gave me his oatmeal cookie.  I had that cookie with my coffee that following night!  🙂

After lunch, James, Gary, John and myself went to investigate the ship.  It felt good being back in regular clothes but I did miss the attention when I was dressed up. I had a great time I enjoyed my day on the Intrepid.

I would have never thought that I would be dressed up in a Star Wars costume. Never!!  But, I like the 501st… the people are awesome. They have always made me feel welcome and I always appreciate that.  I like what the group stands for and It has been a pleasure trooping with them.  I look forward to more troops in the future with all my new friends.

The Huge Snow Drop Days Before The Years End

December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  It is nice that the holidays are almost over now. New Years is coming  and it is usually silent here.  I never go out on New Years Eve.  As this year draws to a close I must admit it was not such a bad one.   I am looking forward to a brand new year and everything that it can bring …..changes are at times very good.

Changes…..  I need to leave some people behind with the end of this year.  I am not even torn by this action as I thought I’d be I guess it is because once I decide to “leave people” I will not change my mind.   Human Nature is funny at times..

I have learned alot about human nature this year.   There are certain people that I would rather not be close with.  I believe it is because as I get older I have less patience with some people.   It is better to stay alone than be with people who are annoying.  LOL

Hahahahah!!!   I also do not want to appear “anti-social ” I am just very selective and I will not make any excuses for being this way. 🙂

I got a job for a few months. It was nice to get back into the work force.  I really enjoyed working and I do plan to continue doing that more in the new year.  🙂  The summer months were not as “unbearable” as in other years.  I spent alot of time down by the shore.  I love being near the ocean and walking on the beach.  I collected many beautiful sea shells too.  🙂

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I saw a friend in concert and Brandon Flowers on his solo tour at the STONE PONY. 🙂 I dismissed my lousy landscaper but he continued to call me for like 2 days!!! Good Bye dude! maybe next time you’ll think twice before coming by on a Saturday morning looking for money!! Such Nerve!!!!

Winter came in with a smashing snow storm a day after Christmas.  It stopped travel by air and road many areas are still covered by huge amounts of snow.  The budget cuts in NYC have affected the clean up and plowing in many NYC boroughs.  The mayor is not a very popular person at the moment.  I drove into the Bronx and I can attest to this problem.  Major headache!!

As this year draws to a close and a new one starts in a couple of days my only wish is that 2011 be a wonderful year.  New ideas, new hopes , new dreams, new people, new job….. much happiness, love and peace to all!   🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Evening with The Ducky Boys Dec 16 2010

December 17, 2010

Last night, I went to the Museum of the American Gangster in Soho NYC.  It is an amazing place filled with history of the gangster lifestyle.  It did spark my interest immediately because I love movies, books and TV documentaries on the subject.  I was in awe looking at all the pictures and soaking all of this info in!! It was thrilling ……I could not get enough!!

Our trip into the city was uneventful we parked our car at James’ workplace and took the ferry across!! I have been on the Staten Island ferry, the ferry to Ellis Island but never on the ferry to NYC from Weehawken!!!  I was loving the ride across the river. But, it was too short!!! The car service was waiting for us at the 34th  street terminal.  The driver was a very nice Asian man who appeared to be a pro as he zipped in and out of pre-rush hour NYC traffic.  Kudos to him. 🙂

Well, the truth of the matter is that I was there not only to visit the museum but for a very special event.  Let me tell you about it…My husband James has written book ( maybe you’ve heard me mention it) The Lost Boys Of the Bronx the Oral History of The Ducky Boys Gang.  It is available on, Barnes & noble bookstores and website. Oh yes, a shameless plug but I am the wife after all so ….why not.  LOL 🙂

Anyway, last night he and Ducky boy Kevin were at the museum doing a reading and lead a great presentation.  I was so glad that James and Kevin seem very relaxed.  I think they are getting use to being in front of an audience.  James’ presentation was very well done disregarding the 2 minor technical difficulties.  And, anyone who knows James well ….would already know that he anticipated this ahead of time and was ready with a back up disk 2.  Yep, I must admit I have picked up this little habit from him I always have an extra copy of everything I present, create or give out!! 🙂

We had taken a box of hard  and soft cover books.  He was able to sell a few more books and sign them for people who were unable to come to the book release in September.  I was also delighted when the museum asked him to leave some signed books with them.

I was happy to see many familiar faces last night.  I liked that my brother was there I knew he would enjoy the museum. 🙂  And, I knew that James would be thrilled to see him there as well.  James’ friends and co-workers were present as well… Mary and Samina.  If, I missed anyone else I am terribly sorry I was like a proud peacock last night…you know.

James was signing books and talking to people. He looked so natural doing this as if he had been rehearsing for this moment throughout his life.  It is during that time when I just smile and think back to a time when he would not be feel so at ease.  Oh, how much he has changed through the years…. in some way I knew it needed time to evolve.

It was a very pleasant evening I knew that everything had worked out fine.  And, after driving & stopping at Katz deli, meeting up with a celebrity who refused to take a  picture we were back home tired but happy.

And, I don’t know what’s in the future but it looks bright from my end.  🙂

I took pictures and video of last night.  I am sure they will be up soon.

Tasting Grace At The Asbury Convention Center

November 8, 2010

Last night we went to see our friend John play with his new band Tasting Grace at the Asbury Convention Center.  When John joined this band he adopted a new stage name Johnny Rox.  Since I met John as John I have a hard time calling him Johnny Rox, Roxy, or Johnny baby to me he is John.  He is an awesome guy and a very talented drummer.  I admire his playing and ( if my mother knew this she would not be happy) I tend to watch him with my month slightly open. Hahahhaha … in awe !!

We had been driving around looking for the perfect parking spot for what seemed to be 10 minutes.  We were able to find one pretty close to the center.  James had collected enough change to pay for our metered spot and I offered a dollar to a younger couple who looked confused then we were ready to enter.   We walked inside and found the right standing spot ( we could have sat down but going up the stairs was dangerous since it was  very dim inside) I was afraid of tripping god knows I hate falling.

At this time we looked around and directly in back of us was the “merch” table.  I was surprised to see the band’s life size cut outs.  I looked at John’s cut out it looked fierce.  We decided to take turns taking pictures with the cut out.  James walked over and asked the people sitting with the “merch”. If they would be  okay with him taking pics  they said sure so he did ( the pics can be seen on FB)

The first band was a group of young college guys who had a pretty good following.  They were enjoyable and very talented.  I kept looking out for the photographer who walked in front of us.  I was hoping he would not step on my foot.  I have a slight history with guys stepping on my foot.  I will let you know all  about it some other time.

As soon as the first band finished (I can not remember their name right now) I waited in anticipation for John’s new band Tasting Grace. The wait was not too long and they dimmed the lights again.  My eyes were on the stage and suddenly I saw the lead singer wearing a silver shorten cape thingy that I thought looked cool.  The presentation was awesome as all the other band members came out wearing masks.  She went around to all the members and pull off their masks.  The song was about revealing yourself and taking off masks.  It was pretty nice.   James was taking pics and told me to go to the other side.  We avoided the other side because that was the side where the liquor was sold!  We didn’t want to mix in with the drunks.  HAhahahaha!

Anyway, we went into the other side of the venue. The view was better for taking pictures and we were happy.  However, it was not long before we realized that the lights were not going to go on.  We were in the dark basically and I kept thinking why would they not put on lights?  The lead singer is a very pretty girl but no one could see her!!  I was able to see John because he has lights on his drums.  The band and the show were good but I did not understand the lack of lights on the performers.

We saw and hugged John’s mom (she is at all his shows) I think she is awesome.  Lovely woman 🙂

After the band finished their set the wrestling part started. It was  not my cup of tea but James was thrilled at the strip tease girl who started their show.  She took off some things and danced around!! I would like to note to Latin music!  Yes, I could not help but dance with the music  Buen caliente!!!

I guess knowing I really don’t like wrestling James decided we should get going.  I was delighted with his decision however I would have stayed if he wanted to watch the show.  I had no problem staying longer.  I quickly put on my blazer and headed for the exit.  James was looking around for the wall of postings for future shows.  He was not able to find it and had asked me if I remembered where it had been from prior visits.  I was over by the waste can emptying out some old batteries that he had given me to hold.  As I turned back around to take a look at the opposite side of the wall I scanned the wall and my eyes stopped at something that delighted me.  I remember I was saying something to him when my words stopped as if they were taken away from me at the moment.  I quickly scurried across to the opposite side and came upon the thing that had caught my eyes.  It was right above the ATM machine …..a poster of Brandon Flowers ( lead singer of The Killers and one of my biggest crushes to date) .

The poster was advertising one of his  upcoming solo shows and the picture was delightfully beautiful.  How could I pass up the chance to grab such a poster?  I am not advocating stealing by any means but I needed this poster.  So, I quickly pulled it down and hurried out the door.  I told James to hurry along as well.  I didn’t want anyone ( had they been watching me) to stop me from leaving with the poster!! I was excited as I finally stepped outside and realized I had made it!!!!! I stole the poster !!! I was so happy!!!  James quickly followed me and stopped me only to take a quick picture of my newly acquired “gift”.

We both knew that we needed to stop in front of  the Stone Pony to take another picture.


It was a great night I enjoyed the show and gave myself a nice “gift” for the ride home.  I do plan to frame the poster!